Setting Your Yard Up To Keep Your Dog Safe

With almost 90 million dogs in the United States, one can only imagine how many people have dogs in their home. It’s important that they have the freedom to run around and get plenty of exercise, they were once wild animals before we domesticated them after all. Furthermore, just consider how cooped up you would feel if you were stuck inside your house all day long, day after day for months on end.

For these reasons and more, it’s important to make sure you have a place set up in your yard for your dog to run around. We’re about to go over some of the best options you can employ to make this space for your family pet, starting from the best options and moving along to the most affordable.

Fenced-In Grounds

If you already have a fence that completely closes then great, your all set as is! You probably don’t though because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. A fenced in area for your dog to run around is probably the ultimate solution to this predicament. If you already have a fence and it just hasn’t been closed off, then it may be a matter of calling in a fencing company to complete the perimeter or taking the dirty work into your own hands.

If you don’t have a fence you can install one from scratch, but a lot of people may find this undesirable if the only reason you’re doing it is to give your dog a place to run around. First of all, fences are expensive. You’re definitely going to be looking at the thousands of dollars range, which might be more than you want to spend on this problem. Secondly, you simply may not want a fence in your yard either for aesthetic or functional reasons. Luckily there are other options you can employ.

Invisible Dog Fence Alternatives

Another route you can go is with an in-ground or wireless dog fence. These can actually be advantageous for many reasons. You won’t have to have a real fence in your yard, meaning it won’t obstruct your view or make your landscaping any more tedious. You can also set the boundaries precisely to your liking, whereas with a normal fence you have to consider aesthetics and logistics of installation.

Another great thing about these types of dog fences is that they’re actually much cheaper than a real fence. Whereas real fences usually cost upwards of $1,000, wireless and in-ground dog fences usually run in the hundreds. This still may be too much for some folks, however, and in such cases there is still the tried and true affordable option.

If All Else Fails, Go With A Lead

Sometimes the simplest approach makes sense, whether that’s for financial reasons or otherwise. Setting up a lead for your dog gives them plenty of space to roam, and in spite of the fact that there are some cables that can potentially be unsightly, this solution is rather fool proof.

Our dogs are important members of our family, and we have to remember to provide for them as if they were our children. Giving them a space to get outdoors and run around is one of the basics. You should be able to find a solution that works well given your yard and your budget, and you’re pup will be on there way to happiness in no time.

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