Wondering who’s behind the scenes at Cammond? Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Justine Thomas, Research Assistant

Justine is a Research Assistant here at Cammond. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science from University of Vermont in Geology. She is an avid gardener and coincidentally her family owns a landscaping business. In other words, instead of a binkie she grew up with a trowel in her hands. She’s new to the professional realm but when it comes to industry experience, she really knows how to bring a yard to life.

Keith Ryan, Developer

Sometimes you just need to get things done with your website, and that’s what Ken’s here for. He will be the first to admit that he doesn’t know much about keeping up a yard, but when it comes to building a website there’s not much that will hold him back. The Cammond team would have an awful lot of difficulties functioning without him, and despite his lack of a green thumb he’s an essential part of everything we do.

Christine Drouin, Owner

I’m Christine Drouin, the owner of I absolutely love gardening, and I love everything to do with it. As much as I want gardening to be my life I realize that I have to do something else with my time or else I’ll go stir crazy (and probably have no income). The plus side is that I get to share my experiences in gardening and teach others what I know. I also get to work with the great team here, and to be truly honest we have a lot of fun together.